Chortles, belches, and diced tomatoes

Happy Puerto Rico Day y’all.

“I’m all staged
It’s all an act
I’m really scared that I may fall back on the abstract
It’d be exactly where I’m at
If you’re the be
The roaming eye
Pry it open and let me tell you why it sees
The harsh realities”

—   GW + DW

Lament- ah yes…The actual King of Pop, if he feels like it, of course. Although usually never. It’s like he took a page out of Elton John’s book and did what Michael Jordan dreams he could have done for the White Sox. Sleepless nights here lend themselves to reminiscing and wanting to reach back and play a hand or two differently. Auspicious beginnings such as my own are apt for reminders that my past is brutally and quite beautifully irrelevant, depending on the side of the mattress I wake up on. Nothing more to say.


My NBA Playoffs Picks

West First Round:

  • Thunder sweeps Rockets
  • Spurs over Lakers in 5
  • Clippers over Grizzlies in 5
  • Nuggets over Warriors in 7

West Second Round:

  • Thunder over Clippers in 6
  • Spurs over Nuggets in 5 (however, this will be the best series in all the playoffs)

West Finals:

  • Thunder over Spurs (again, uggh) this time in 7 games

East First Round:

  • Heat turn Bucks into 15 demoralized alcoholics
  • Knicks over Celtics in 6
  • Pacers over Hawks in 4 (most boring series)
  • Nets over Bulls in 5

East Second Round:

  • Heat sodomize Nets in 4
  • Knicks over Pacers in 7

East Finals:

  • Heat sweep Knicks (although game 3 DOES go to overtime)


Really, what do you expect? Heat beat Thunder in 4. Thunder can’t match up with Heat, and are also banged up from a tough, physical series with the Spurs. The West Finals go down as a classic, but really the most energized series will be the Spurs-Nuggets. I see each game in that series being awesome, mainly because the Nuggets are just awesome and so competitive, but just not talented enough to actually win much of the series. Miami puts on a clinic and barely breaks a sweat throughout, and make what should be a dramatic finals truly a bore. Thunder don’t even show up for Game 4, and Heat win the NBA Championship by 90 points. Russell Westbrook shoots 1,000 times in the series and James Harden is the happiest man alive.

Even the outtakes from Apocalypse Now are astounding on their own. It’s hard to think of another undertaking with so many quality fragments that all speak so highly and become seared into concrete memory. This film, more than any other war chronicle I’ve seen, best captures what I imagine the nature of a combatant’s retrospection to be: the memories remain intact, but one cannot evade the disorientation of the mystifying jungle.